Delirious Comedy Club Jeff "Big Daddy" Wayne

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Delirious Comedy Club Jeff "Big Daddy" Wayne

Jeff Wayne is one of the busiest comedians working today. He can be seen performing -- and often headlining -- on luxury cruise ships worldwide, in Las Vegas casinos, concerts, comedy clubs, onstage in theatres and starring in his first major motion picture.

Wayne, a veteran comedian, began his career at the Comedy Store in Hollywood working with the likes of Chris Rock, Howie Mandel, Jim Carrey and Roseanne. Billed as "a troubled man for troubled times," critics and audiences agree that, above all, he’s hilarious.

Billy Crystal and Robin Williams are responsible for tagging Wayne with the nickname "Big Daddy" when they introduced him on HBO’s Comic Relief. The moniker derives from the one-man comedy show Big Daddy’s Barbeque written and performed by Wayne over 1,000 times. Now his one man show is going to be a movie, directed and produced by Rick Pamplin (director of Hoover starring Academy Award-winner Ernest Borgnine). Wayne loves the arc the show has taken -- from stand-up, to theater, to television, to a motion picture!

Wayne has appeared on HBO, A&E, NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX, SHOWTIME and internationally on shows on the BBC, CBC and Scandinavian TV. He is frequently heard on XM/Sirius Radio and his routines from his four hilarious CDs are frequently played on comedy stations worldwide.

Originally from Kentucky, the busy father of three now lives in Los Angeles -- but feels most comfortable with a microphone in his hand, standing on a stage, in front of a dark room full of strangers, making them laugh out loud, applaud and often stand to thank Jeff "Big Daddy" Wayne.