Delirious Comedy Club Mark Pitta

Wed, Mar 11, 2020
Thu, Mar 12, 2020
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Delirious Comedy Club Mark Pitta

with Guy Fessenden and Keith Lyle

Talented, innovative, charming, funny, irreverent, professional, celebrated, sexy, are just some of the ways Mark Pitta has described himself.

Whether you’ve seen Mark on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Jay Leno or Jimmy Fallon,* seeing him live is the only true way to appreciate his unique talents.

“My cheeks hurt from smiling so much.” -some guy after a show
“My stomach hurts from laughing.” -same guy

Exploding into the vibrant comedy scene of the 1980s in San Francisco, Mark honed his stand-up skills for a few years then moved to Hollywood because that’s where they plug in the T.V. cameras. Mark has appeared in light pancake make-up on shows like, 3rd Rock From The Sun, Mad About You, Totally Hidden Video, and countless shows on Comedy Central (six).

Bay Area TV viewers will recognize Mark from his years as the entertainment reporter on KTVU’s Mornings On 2. Others will recognize him from surveillance cameras.

For 10 years Mark ran his own showcase night at the 142 Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley, bringing to the stage his buddies in comedy, Dana Carvey, Richard Lewis, Robin Williams and many others with lesser credits.

Mark has opened for all the big names: James Brown, Ray Charles, Tom Jones, Smoky Robinson, Chris Issak, Foreigner, B.B. King, The Monkees, Celine Deon, Vanessa Williams, Paul Anka, Rob Schneider, Dana Carvey…enough bragging.

Mark is recently divorced and seeks age appropriate woman who are enjoying their ex-husband’s money.

*pending, but he’s been mentioned

Playgirl Magazine says, “We’ve received your photos. Thank you.”

New York Times, “Your subscription is past due.”

IMDB, “Your account has been frozen due to inactivity.”

“Reliable and always on time.” -Craig’s List

“Five Stars!” -Uber passenger

Guy Fessenden

One of funniest new comics out of Las Vegas.

Keith Lyle

Keith Lyle was born and raised on the mean streets of Chicago. Well... It was the suburbs, but it was

still tough. His house was filled with the loud, loving tirades of his family. Having been immersed in a

2 parent home, the yelling never stopped. Because of this, he had a difficult time fitting in at school.

Realizing that making people laugh is truly a gift that keeps on giving, Keith began to develop his

strong sense of humor.

Keith's quick wit and topical material take you from the front page to inside his head, and the depth of

his family's dysfunctions. He has been in several commercials and TV shows, and films. His biggest role to date was having 4

lines in the blockbuster movie “The Hangover”. He may have had more screen time as a dead body on

CSI, but hey- it's 4 lines in a better movie than Tom Hanks made that year. He also has roles in the

films “Holding Lucid” directed by John Bizarre and “A Tribute to Fluffy” directed by

Micah Cyrus. Keith co wrote and stars in a new web series currently in production called “Class


Keith was honored to be selected as the feature act for headliner Don Barnhart. In the summer of 2012,

Keith made his 1st trip overseas to entertain the troops in Kuwait. In 2013, he went to Afghanistan,

Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Jordan, Spain, Portugal and Greece on 2 separate trips in the "Don Barnhart All

Star Comedy Tour" for Armed Forces Entertainment. He went overseas again in October 2014 and

again in August of 2015 as part the “Battle Comics” Tour for AFE. Keith spent most of 2017 &2018 as

the House Emcee at Jokesters Comedy Club in Las Vegas. Between stand up gigs in 2019, Keith

diversified his resume by acting in plays “Driving Miss Daisy” (as “Boolie”) as well as “The House of

Tomorrow”. He is also a founding member on the Pro Team roster for improv juggernaut

Comedysportz Las Vegas franchise.

He has also hosted a week each for the popular websites Tweet the Joke and Dear Comic and had the

most online votes in the Improv's "Up Yours Contest in 2012. Keith is active on social media with over

89,000 Twitter followers, and countless friends on Facebook and Instagram.